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The one thing common to all the work we do on your behalf is that we charge a simple commission on all monies we collect for you.

We will agree this commission rate with you, depending on the size, volume and age of your debt portfolio. The better our prospects for collecting the debt, the more competitive our pricing structure can be. And as in most businesses, volume will always secure a better price.
Remember that the commission is only payable if we are successful in collecting the money owed.

If a case moves from the ‘pre-legal stage’ (where commission is our only charge) to a point where legal actions begin, then there are a number of additional costs, as we will now explain.

1. There are some fees that are set by the Lord Chancellor’s Department.

The size of both the court fee and recoverable costs depend on the amount of the claim.

The court fee is payable to the court to issue proceedings. This fee is recoverable from your debtor
Recoverable costs are the charges we make to you for issuing proceedings on your behalf. This is also recoverable from your debtor.

Amount of claim
(not exceeding)
Court fee Recoverable costs
£300 £30 £50
£500 £45 £50
£1,000 £65 £70
£1,500 £75 £80
£3,000 £85 £80
£5,000 £108 £80
£15,000 £225 £100
£50,000 £360 £100
£100,000 £630 £100
£150,000 £810 £100
£200,000 £990 £100


2. Judgment costs.

If the debtor fails to deal with the court process, or if the court finds in your favour, then judgment can be applied for and a further fixed cost falls payable.

This cost is added to the debt and is recoverable in full from the debtor as shown in this table.

Amount of claim Default of acknowledgement of service Default of defence Admission
(claimant accepts to offer instalments)
(court decides date and time of instalments)
up to £5,000 £22 £25 £40 £55
over £5,000 £30 £35 £55 £60

3. Other possible fixed charges.

These include enforcement charges, defended actions, insolvency & other service charges.

Enforcement charges

In most cases taken to court a judgment will follow that enables the judgment debt to be enforced. Various enforcement measures can be taken subject to payment of appropriate court fees but in addition we do make a nominal charge for undertaking these measures for you as set out below.

  our fee
Warrant of execution £20
Writ of Fi Fa £30
Attachment of earnings £20
Information order £20
Charging order £50
Third party action £50

Defended actions

When actions become defended we will (in appropriate cases) progress them on your behalf. Some steps we might have to take will attract a fixed charge

  our fee
Filing of any notice of application
(including summary judgment applications)
Filing of allocation questionnaires £75
Notice of discontinuance £20
Advocacy in court (where provided by us) £75 (per hour)

Additional services

From time to time, tracing, means reports and process serving will be essential to your collection effort. We have used our purchasing power to secure the best possible service levels at the right price. We pass these savings on to you.

Each instruction also attracts a £20 administrative charge, payable to Effective


  our fee
Tracing (on a no trace no fee basis) £40
Means Reports £35
Combined trace and means report £70
Process serving £60 + oath fees


Charges incurred on issue of insolvency proceedings are recoverable in full on collection


  our fee
Demands £25
Bankruptcy or winding up petitions £350



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